In recent years there has been a great increase of interest in early childhood education. Some of this interest has come out of a need to provide childcare for children of families in which both parents work or for one-parent families. However, much of the awareness of the importance of early childhood education comes from the understanding that people gain half of their growth, intelligence, and general learning ability prior to six years of age.

What and how children learn in these early years is basic to their entire life. In early childhood, children learn how to use their bodies, how to express themselves, how to cope with their feelings and emotions, how to get along with other people, and how to satisfy their curiosity. How well they accomplish these learning tasks affects future learning. Our goal is to help children to be lifetime learners, to feel positively about themselves, and to respond kindly to others.

Laurel Hall Early Childhood Center has developed a special educational ministry to assist parents in providing young children with opportunities for meaningful interactions with their peers, time with caring adults, and an environment rich in learning potential. While home has the primary responsibility for a young child's development, our preschool offers a special opportunity for children to develop outside the home. The center provides young children with a Christian atmosphere for spiritual growth. Our purpose is to provide a safe and happy learning environment for children ages 2 through 5 years of age.

Children gain a sense of security derived from being loved, cared for, praised, accepted, encouraged, and challenged by the staff. Teachers provide the children with a variety of learning opportunities, freedom to exercise abilities and potential, time to develop at their own rate, and a challenging but non-threatening classroom environment where children can explore and discover the world around them based upon their individual stages of development.

The staff respects children as part of God's world. Independence, self-motivation, kindness, and honesty are underlying values of our classroom.